Our company offers both conceptual solutions as well as individual products for your medical, naturopathic, physiotherapeutic, psychological and veterinary practice.


  • Comprehensive performance from analysis to feeding advice
  • Easy to handle
  • Innovative method
  • Precise results
  • Biophoton technology
  • Biostimulation, revitalization, energetic balance
  • Non-invasive, highly effective, safe and fast
  • calming and pleasant effect
  • Find causes instead of fighting symptoms
  • Simple visual presentation through new pictures
  • Individual suggestions for therapy and feeding
  • Affordable prices

WellAnalyse belongs, like many other naturopathic treatments, to the field of empiricism.It is not accepted by the dominant doctrine of conventional medicine because not everything scientifically proven.
All statements made about effects, properties and indications are based on the findings and empirical values ​​of the WellAnalyse system.

WellAnalyse ® HORSE

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WellAnalyse ® DOG

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WellAnalyse ® HUMAN

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Spin Harmony Compiler

The Spin Harmony Compiler (SHM) is a revolutionary regulatory system that combines several scientific phenomena such as: vibrations, frequencies, spin, sound waves, bioresonance, alternative Eastern medicine, radionics, mathematical analysis, etc., and successful uses them in Naturopathy. The principle of operation of this extremely safe and effective method for self-regulation is simple and therefore ingenious. There are several sounds of nature that we can hear to relax. Depending on the area of ​​application, certain natural sounds are used as carriers / matrix as MP3 files in order to be very sensitive to certain areas. The software modulates certain frequency patterns on the sound waves to fulfill specific tasks. Such a mix of audible and inaudible frequencies forms a file in mp3 format. Several mp3 files build a matrix system, which can then be used in a more targeted and precise manner. With the use of the entire matrix we achieve the effect of full harmonization of the object.


ECG-based HRV measurement



The system measures the authentic HRV signal physically and non-invasively and determines a broad spectrum of biorhythmic core values. The non-invasive diagnostic and regulation system is used to analyze biorhythmic processes in the human organism. An innovative technology called “fractal neurodynamics” is used for the data processing. In the course of its development, key research findings from biology, physiology, genetics and clinical medicine have been combined. Our software thus offers unique evaluation parameters for assessing the functional state. By observing appropriate values, therapists are able, among other things, to assess the reserves of the organism and to check the effectiveness of regulatory measures via a follow-up check.In conjunction with traditional and complementary approaches, the HRV system offers a wide variety of options in medical and holistic practice. The HRV scan is easily done using two non-invasive clamp electrodes, suitable for wrists and ankles – without undressing. The user-friendly measurement application thus allows direct integration into daily processes and can be easily delegated to assistants.

Micro-energy therapy system

Micro-energy therapy system, body-conforming regeneration, stimulation and anti-aging. Microcurrent Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulator is based on the specifications of the healing currents of the body’s own cell electricity, which stimulates mitochondrial activity in cells – locally and overarching – and can thus counteracts mitochondrial disease.Micro currents speak the body’s own biological language and thus provide the cell-compliant energy for the regeneration of individual areas or even the entire organism. Micro stimulation lies within the natural, physiological electricity that the body conducts to injured, damaged or underserved areas. Micro-energy therapy (MET) has a major influence on the factors of vital importance for regeneration and tissue regeneration: accelerating wound healing, increasing protein synthesis, increasing membrane transport, increasing ATP formation. Micro-energy devices are therefore increasingly used in both Clinical-medical sector as well as in sports and elite sports to increase muscle strength and to prevent and eliminate various muscle ailments as well as in the cosmetic area, especially medical cosmetics with basic face masks, base wrap and cellulite applications.