As a developer and manufacturer of WellAnalyse systems, we want to offer our customers the best possible service and support, and that beyond sales.

We want to do more than just sell systems. We are therefore open to the ideas of the users and welcome innovative concepts that pose a challenge for us. It is our main concern to offer highly functional and contemporary solutions for individual requirements. This, in addition to direct access to the top management through a sense of responsibility, quality, service and innovation, makes us a preferred partner of naturopathic practice. What can we offer you? 15 years of experience, a lot of know-how and exactly the service you want. Of course, customer service is very important to us. We have been working in the field of medical technology devices for 15 years now and so we can say that we know exactly what is important when servicing these systems: In addition to technical know-how, reliability and professionalism, we are committed to communication and working in partnership with our Customers particularly , so you can be sure of our full attention, concentration and ambition when it comes to advice, sales and service – both at home and abroad. Our website and documents provide you with a first, hopefully interesting overview of our systems. But of course there is a lot to discuss and other information that may be interesting and relevant for you. Our sales team will be happy to advise you individually and show you that we really add importance to comprehensive service.

User training 

For WellAnalyse® systems, you will receive comprehensive instruction and theoretical training lasting several days. The cost of schooling and theoretical training is usually included in the purchase price. The training enables you to work safely and efficiently with your WellAnalyse® system. Benefit from our many years of experience!

We would like to advise you against completing the training courses with supposed “independent NLS experts”. These so-called “experts” are not in possession of our WellAnalyse® system, they are not familiar with the software and hardware, nor with the latest functions and possibilities. These “NLS experts” work with the older generation of NLS systems, which are known but cannot be developed further. Wrong statements, information, interpretations and handling are often provided by so-called “independent experts”! Please contact the manufacturer / developer of WellAnalyse® systems directly and please complete the training courses only through lecturers authorized by the manufacturer. If you are interested in further training, please contact us and state a topic that is of interest to you.